Are you tired of feeing ashamed and embarrassed of your body? Are you tired of apologizing for taking up space? So. Are. WE. Please join us for an evening of celebrating and honouring the body that created and brought life to Earth. All of these locations were scouted out with intention to compliment the beauty that we already hold within ourselves.

You will participate in a large group session with other mamas, which the entire group will have access to download and share. You will also receive three (3)+ personal images of you and your little(s). These evenings typically last around an hour, minus travel to the location. You are welcome to nurse or bottle feed your baby during the session to have those intimate moments captured forever, or privately behind the camera as I understand the timing and duration might interfere with your routine.

For Canadian locations, you will pay $65.00 CAD ($68.90 with PST) to join this creative session. For upcoming United States locations, you will pay $65.00 USD (taxes included) to join this creative session.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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